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Other products
Future Pack has an extensive list of products designed specifically to meet its clients’ requirements. They include:

Scratch off labels for the cards industry
Security labels with destructive and void features
Supermarket labels
Tags and labels for garments
Non-adhesive static cling labels
Tags for the tea industry
Baggage tags meeting IATA standards
In-flight labels for airline carriers
Peel & Reveal labels
Non tearable tags for steel and other
   manufacturing industries
Plain and durable labels
Drum labels
Laser labels in various sizes
history and Values
future pack
Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries Group (ENPI) was founded in 1995 with the original aim of promoting a profitable and sustainable business as a manufacturer and printer of plastic items. Over the course of 15 years
future pack
Future Pack, a division of ENPI Group, specialises in the manufacture and printing of innovative packaging solutions. Well equipped with sophisticated and versatile machinery, Future Pack offers a one-stop-shop for clients which ensures...
future pack
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